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Leisure time in the forests of Forest Enterprise

Recreational forests are defined as forests intended for recreation, used for the needs of the general public, containing the appropriate facilities and infrastructure. These forests are intensively visited by holidaymakers and, as a rule, are chosen in the most beautiful plots of forest with recreation sites and parking lots, walking trails, various recreational facilities and constructions.

In the Forest Enterprise, there are 688 ha forests defined as recreational; among those, 339 ha constitute forest parks, 189 ha – recreational forest plots and 18 ha – urban forests.
Berčiūnai Forest Park (Gustonys Forest District) is one of the largest forest parks in the Forest Enterprise. Berčiūnai Forest Park covers 352.4 ha; among those, forests occupy 332.9 ha. Pine trees (47.2%) and birches (25.4%) prevail; stands of other species comprise just a minor part: oaks (11.6%), spruces (6.8%), grey alders (8.0%) and other species (1.0%). Berčiūnai Forest Park is included in Sanžilė landscape reservation. Residents of Panevėžys and tourists tend to favor more the southern part of the Forest Park and the section nearby Sanžilė stream, which is one of the purest springs in the region and is noted for naturally preserved landscape.

Švenčiuliškis Forest Park (Krekenava Forest District) is situated in Krekenava regional park. The total area of the Forest Park comprises 114.0 ha, and forests here occupy 98.5 ha. Pines (50.1%) and birches (31.8%) prevail. Forest Park boasts a cognitive-educative trail of the Forest gnome. In the thicket of pines near the River Nevėžis there is a stage. Here, song festivals of the region of Panevėžys take place as well as other public events. Visitors of the Forest Park can watch fallow-deer, dappled deer, moufflons and wild boars wandering in the paddocks, have a rest in original resorts and spots for respite.

Kalnelis Forest Park (Naujamiestis Forest District) is located in Krekenava regional park, Kalnelis Forest, on the eastern bank of the River Nevėžis. The total area of the Forest Park comprises 54.6 ha, with forests covering 39.2 ha. Forest Park is noted for tree and shrubbery species specific to Middle Lithuanian Plane. Pines prevail (58.2%), while tree stands of other species comprise respectively: birches (30.2%), spruces and aspen (11.6%). The River Nevėžis weaves along the western border of the Forest Park, with the water-meadows in its riversides, abounding with nesting places of different birds and rare plant habitats. Visitors of the Forest Park can enjoy the protected forest monument – multi-trunk pine and natural environment. Forest Park is in the vicinity of Naujamiestis town and is frequented by its residents.

Gasparėliai Forest Park in Gegužinė Forest Distrct is one of the smallest forest parks in the Forest Enterprise, covering an area of 7.4 ha. It is near the settlement of Bernatoniai on the eastern bank of the River Lėvuo. Pine stands here occupy 6.0 ha, birches – 1.4 ha. This Forest Park is a favorite recreational spot for the residents of Bernatoniai as well as Panevėžys.

Recreational forest plots are marked in numerous forest districts and are also intended for recreational purposes of the general public. The largest recreational forest territories are situated in Paežerys (77 ha), Krekenava (64 ha) and Gegužinė (48 ha) Forest Districts. Here, residents of Panevėžys and surrounding settlements like to come to spend their leisure time.

Urban forests encompass all forests within the territory of the city of Panevėžys. The total area of urban forests comprises 18 ha. City park near the River Nevėžis is frequented the most and is the best adapted for recreational needs. Moreover, the residents of Panevėžys also like urban forests situated near Berčiūnai.
Resorts and spots for respite are installed in urban parks and recreational forest plots as well as in other forest plots where different forest management operations are carried out, boasting beautiful and attractive scenery.

Forests of Panevėžys State Forest Enterprise offer:

- 2 cognitive – educative trails
- 34 resorts (11 of them are adapted for people with movement disability)
- 25 spots of respite (6 of them are adapted for people with movement disability)
- 7 survey sites


State Forest Enterprise Panevezys regional unit

Parko str. 32, LT-37188, Panevėžys

Coordinates519887, 6178116 (LKS)
55° 44' 14.05", 24° 18' 59.95" (WGS)
Company code: 132340880
VAT payer’s code LT 323408811
Data is accumulated and stored 
in the Register of Legal Entities
A/s Nr.LT767044060008193484
"SEB bankas" AB, kodas 70440 

Forest Enterprise Center, Forestries, Tree Nursery and Timber Preparation Division 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         17.00
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         15.45

Tel. +370 45 448 711
Fax +370 45 445 961
E-mail: panevezys@vivmu.lt

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