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Forest gnome‘s trail

Map – how to find us  

Educative – cognitive trail of the forest gnome was created in 2003. It was designed by forester Jonas Leika and leader of forest friends’ circle, teacher Auksė Leikienė. The aim of the trail was to familiarize the visitors with the forest in natural environment as well as its structure and works carried out therein, to teach the people to conduct themselves decently in natural surroundings.

The trail meanders through Varnakalnis forest in Krekenava Forest District (quadr. 87). A half a kilometer long, it weaves in picturesque forest, near the Linkava stream. Following this trail, visitors can familiarize with the species of trees prevalent in the forests of Lithuania, forest levels and the main forest maintenance and protection works as well as the main terms used in forestry.

Visitors are able to learn how to measure the volume of growing and felled tree, to examine the means used to protect young trees from forest animals and the samples of wood.

All information is presented in five stations: “Tree species mostly prevalent in country’s forests”, “Forest levels”, “Forest restoration and planting protection means”, “Cultivation and sanitary felling” and “Clear felling and estimation of timber volume”.

Visitors of the forest are met by the gates to the forest gnome’s trail. The forest gnome’s cabin – arbour at the end of the trail houses an exhibition of forest animals and birds’ photographs, drawings and creations of the young forest visitors. From the overview tower there opens a pictorial valley of Linkava spring and a steep slope. If not in a hurry, visitors can relax on the benches constructed in the stations or by the fireplace built in the valley.


State Forest Enterprise Panevezys regional unit

Parko str. 32, LT-37188, Panevėžys

Coordinates519887, 6178116 (LKS)
55° 44' 14.05", 24° 18' 59.95" (WGS)
Company code: 132340880
VAT payer’s code LT 323408811
Data is accumulated and stored 
in the Register of Legal Entities
A/s Nr.LT767044060008193484
"SEB bankas" AB, kodas 70440 

Forest Enterprise Center, Forestries, Tree Nursery and Timber Preparation Division 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         17.00
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         15.45

Tel. +370 45 448 711
Fax +370 45 445 961
E-mail: panevezys@vivmu.lt

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