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During felling of all kinds, Panevėžys State Forest Enterprise annually obtains about 150 thou. m3 of timber.
In this volume, coniferous’ wood comprises 25 %, the remaining share – soft and hard deciduous.
Production of all assortments of round timber, carried out by the contracted companies as well as the Forest Enterprise, takes place in wood-cutting areas.
To date, about 60 % of timber of different assortments is prepared manually using motor saws, the remaining 40 % - by harvesters. However, the scope of mechanized operations in logging annually increases and eventually manual labor in production of timber assortments will, to all intents and purposes, disappear.
For carrying out logging operations, our forest enterprise applies modern, globally recognized Scandinavian technologies and has acquired efficient and convenient machinery.
Produced assortments of round timber are transported from wood-cutting areas by logging trucks of Forest Enterprise and contractors to intermediate timber warehouses, from which sales of round timber assortments are carried out.
Since 2001, our Forest Enterprise has had an international forest management certificate according to FSC system; because of this, Forest Enterprise in its operations and contractors providing logging services are obligated to observe the requirements of this certificate, thus ensuring a sustainable and balanced use and restoration of forests.
Round timber sales are carried out by Forest Enterprise in line with the Regulations for round timber sales, approved by Order No D1-504 of 29 September 2008 of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. These regulations stipulate the following methods of sales:
• retail sales;
• auctions;
• semi-annual sales;
• sales according to long-term contracts;
• sales pursuant to agreement of the parties.
Notifications about all kinds of sales are published by the Forest Enterprise in its website under heading Timber trade.



State Forest Enterprise Panevezys regional unit

Parko str. 32, LT-37188, Panevėžys

Coordinates519887, 6178116 (LKS)
55° 44' 14.05", 24° 18' 59.95" (WGS)
Company code: 132340880
VAT payer’s code LT 323408811
Data is accumulated and stored 
in the Register of Legal Entities
A/s Nr.LT767044060008193484
"SEB bankas" AB, kodas 70440 

Forest Enterprise Center, Forestries, Tree Nursery and Timber Preparation Division 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         17.00
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         15.45

Tel. +370 45 448 711
Fax +370 45 445 961
E-mail: panevezys@vivmu.lt

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